SandBagger Downloads
(Personal Edition)

Important Information:
The SandBagger Application Guide (which is also included with the SandBagger downloads and can be accessed here) will give you very important information about:
      >  The License Agreement, which you must accept
      >  Installation prerequisites and available options
      >  SandBagger Support
The new installation below is for a free SandBagger Series VIII copy. If you have any questions or need support, please use the Contact Us button.  
New Installation:
01-Apr-20 R0

The SandBagger must use an appropriate current 32 Bit version of Microsoft Access to run. You can expect problems with the SandBagger if you attempt to install it on a PC with an OS older than Windows 8 or an Office copy older than 2010, as Microsoft no longer supports older versions.  
This download is installed in two parts - first the SandBagger application, and then Access 2013 Runtime (RT).  Please see the Application Guide for installation options before installing!
When you get to the RT part of the installation, you can cancel it if you wish by closing the RT installation window as soon as it starts. Whether or not you install RT with the Sandbagger will depend on your PC setup - see the Application Guide.  This installation CAN NOT be used to update a copy of the SandBagger - use the Update Download below instead.  
01-Apr-20 R0

This Update Download can only be used to update a currently installed SandBagger copy! Installation of this update is mandatory if your current copy is older than 01-Jan-20.  
For details about this update and any important Service Messages, use the button at right.  
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